Mighty Waters


The victory belongs to the Lord. Everything belongs to Him and He has already won.  Psalm 24:1

Since the election, I have felt very strong in my spirit that it is imperative that God’s people “rush forward” and NOT SHRINK BACK!

As we are aware of all the riots and disenchanted voices everywhere, there needs to be ONE voice, a united voice, speaking out into the spiritual realm, across our land. And that voice is the voice of the bride of Christ.  I believe NOW, more than ever, the body of Christ needs to use its voice to speak out the heart of God.

Over the past 7-8 days, I have felt compelled to constantly be in prayer all day. We know that the scripture admonishes us to pray without ceasing and this is what I am referring to.  Whatever I am doing, whether standing and cooking, sitting or driving my car, I feel a voice rising up within me to proclaim God’s goodness, favor, mercy and power wherever I go.  I sense it is not my own voice, but the voice of God’s spirit within me as a believer, that is wanting to be released.

It is like a bursting fountain of water that I cannot stop. I don’t even need to think about it, it just constantly flows out of my mouth.  Thankfulness begins to bubble up inside of me and pour out moment by moment.

As I have been hearing about the riots and protests everywhere, I am reminded of the passage of scripture in Revelation 12:15 where the dragon opens his mouth and spews forth water in order to drown “the woman” who gave birth to the child. This is what I see, in type, that the enemy of God’s people, is angry and is spewing forth his spirits of hatred, violence, murder, and dissention upon our land.  A flood of waters has been poured out in order to drown out the power and voice of God’s people. Can you see the violent flood moving forth to keep everyone in fear and pushed down to the ground?  Rushing water has the power to carry away everything in its path to complete destruction.

It is now time for the body of Christ, to rise up, shake off all complacency, apathy and offense and take her rightful place as a true heir of God’s Kingdom. As people of God we have the ability to set the tone and change the atmosphere with our love and declarations.  Because of Jesus’ precious blood, we have been given power and authority on this earth for good.

I encourage everyone to be filled with Christ’s beautiful spirit, to walk circumspectly and soberly now more than ever. Take your place and declare forth God’s mercy, love and power where ever you go!  Refuse every spirit of offense that comes your way and refuse to be caught up in disagreements and paltry words.

Life and death are in our tongue and each individual has the ability to shift realms and territories with their authority and voice. So use your mouth for good and righteousness!

I see the bride of Christ standing strong, united, and lifting up her voice in declaration of God’s love and power! We can choose to look at what is going on around us through the eyes of God, which is a heavenly perspective, or through a filter of hurt and fear, which is an earthly perspective.  We must set aside our petty differences and join arms with one another in love and unity.  When we do this, we will push back the enemy’s line and his plans and assignments will be defeated.

Take your territory Child of God! Walk, move, and run forward without fear.  For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.  We have the mind of Christ.  Bind His thoughts to your mind and speak forth HIS declarations daily.

I firmly believe that if the body of Christ will activate this principle in every city and region across the nation, we can and WILL see a demise in the protests and angry mobs. And the waters of the evil one will be swallowed up (Revelation 12:16)

In the Power of His Love –

Lisa Roitsch

Lisa and her husband, Bill, believe in the power of God’s love to change and restore everything.  One of their greatest passions is to disciple marriages and see God’s plan for families be restored on this earth.  They have been married for over 27 years and have 3 grown daughters.





CHOP photo

For a few weeks now, I keep hearing the word synchronization. Everywhere I go, I hear it, see it or someone is talking about it.  I realized God was speaking to me so I slowed down and asked Him what He wanted me to learn.   Get ready, because when you ask this, He WILL answer!

I began with looking up the dictionary definition. Synchronization – to cause to agree in time of occurrence; assign to the same time or period, such as a historical event; to cause sound and action to match precisely.

God’s spirit began to speak to me about the Kingdom of Heaven actually being synchronized WITH earth – specifically with people. I believe God wants His sound and His actions to match precisely with what is occurring here on earth.

I began to look up all the references where Christ spoke about the Kingdom of heaven or the Kingdom of God. After seeing over 21 references, I stopped counting.  Jesus seems to speak more about the Kingdom of Heaven than any other topic.   This central message regarding the Kingdom formed the basis of His ministry here on earth.  As He stood on the mount, He preached, “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all other things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).  Jesus was clearly admonishing His followers to get their priorities in proper balance.

One of my most favorite occurrences is when Christ instructed His followers to go and tell the good news to everyone and emphatically proclaim that the “Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’ Can you visualize this?  As the men and women who followed Jesus began to disperse themselves into the regions of the land, they would tell others “Look and see! God’s Kingdom has arrived!”  With this proclamation, there was an invitation to join in and synchronize their life with the Kingdom of Heaven, which had arrived in their midst.

And so, I began to ponder….. What does it look like when the Kingdom of Heaven is here? What will I see when the kingdom of heaven manifests on this earth?  In the book of Luke, Jesus told His followers that ‘the Kingdom of God was within them’ – in their being.  In the book of Romans, it is written, “The Kingdom of God is not merely food and drink but, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Could it simply mean that as we yield our earthen vessels up to God, He synchronizes His Kingdom within us to such a degree that we are able to release it wherever we go? As believers and followers of Christ, we carry the Kingdom within us – His righteousness, His love, peace and joy.  Are we releasing this to others as we go about our day to day life?

God wants us to be so filled with His love and understanding, that there is an overflow out of our being that will spill onto others. Draw near to your heavenly Father my friends.  Receive all that He is, and get to know Him and His ways.  As you do this, your vessel will become so full of God’s peace and love, that it has no choice but, to overflow onto the people surrounding you.

I believe there is coming a day when the children of God will fully understand this concept and move in dimensions where we will begin to see the Kingdom being released to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and fill others with so much joy they cannot stand. I see the history of the early church moving in these proportions and I hunger to see it happening more today.

Yes, in pockets around the world, we hear of these incidents. However, I want to see it in my community, I want to see it in my local church.  I want to experience all the fullness of what Christ suffered and died for -a purchased people who know their God and love His kingdom!

I will conclude with this teaching from Jesus. He spoke in Luke 6:46 and said, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do the things which I say? I believe Jesus is calling out to His believers today to get in tune not only with His name but, also with His teachings. His teachings always pointed to the Father and His Kingdom. His cry then and now, is THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.

Will you synchronize yourself with this heavenly kingdom and release its power towards others? If your answer is YES! start with reading the gospels. Read the entirety of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John multiple times and receive Christ’s words deep into your soul and spirit. I promise you will be changed and you will see changes in others around you!

Nurture God’s presence in your life. As you do this, you will begin to see His power move in and through you. But always remember, love must be the foundation for everything we do. Love is the greatest manifestation of God’s power. It was because of love that Jesus walked in complete obedience. It was because of love that the power of sin and darkness were defeated. Love is the greatest virtue of all!

Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing. Therefore, to move fully in the kingdom of heaven’s realm, we must be people who know real love and recognize God’s voice. When we have eyes to see what God is doing, we can synchronize with Him and become powerful weapons for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus’ message on the kingdom of heaven is a message of hope—for the entire world and for you and your family. It is a reality that God is building His precepts into a people who will carry His love, grace and power to a dying world. All He is looking for are willing vessels.

 “God, the Father, has delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.”  

Colossians 1:13

 ***Above photo details:  I took this picture of one of my dear friends praying for the homeless in our city.  The picture reflects Christ’s love being extended to those who are hurting in our community.  It only takes a minute to pray with someone and cause them to feel special and valued.  Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is HERE!


Children of Redemption

 God became flesh and lived among humanity, not just to live a perfect life as an example and to ultimately die as an innocent sacrifice, but to continue to live with anyone that would accept that sacrifice.  His perfect method of accomplishing this was by sending His spirit to dwell within all who will believe.

God calls His “spirit-indwelled” people to something greater, something more significant and powerful.

God’s children are redeeming forces on this earth.  Their time here is about reclaiming the things He has created.

Since the entire cosmos is created by God and restored through Jesus, the believers work here, through the spirit, is to say, “this belongs to God.”

Rise up sons and daughters!  As My purchased possession you are equipped with all power, love and righteousness.

Call out to whomever  will listen – give away all of Me that is inside of you. Bring My kingdom to every sphere of influence you have.  You are carriers of My goodness to a dark and lonely world.

Stand back and watch what I will do.  I have made all things new and My delight is that all know Me and receive My love.

For eternity and beyond……

“How Can I Trust Again?”

2sad eye

The most common question I hear when supporting women whose spouse has sexually betrayed them is, how will I ever trust my spouse again?  Usually, this question comes as a result of repeated betrayal from their mate. As a result, the marriage finds itself completely broken down, with no safe borders of trust found.

As I began to think about how to answer this appropriately, I realized that trust is bigger than I first realized.  Trust has many components and when we take the time to break it all down, I believe we can all find the answers on how to trust again.

First of all, trust is built in small increments, in the very smallest of moments.  When you have a moment to build trust with someone and you choose not to, that moment can become an act of betrayal to them.  For example:  if I see my spouse visibly struggling with something and choose not to take the time to go and sit with them and invite them to share with me their heart, then I send the message, “you are not that important to me.”  That may not be your intent, but it is the subtle idea that is given.  In that moment, I have said volumes.  And I can promise you, that your spouse is picking it up.  The exact opposite of that situation would be if I stopped what I was doing, went over to my spouse and with love and genuineness let them know that I see their frustration or pain and would like to listen if they are ready to talk.  In that moment I have sent a powerful message.  One that speaks,  I am aware of you and I want to help in any way I can.  I have now shown myself as trustworthy.  When we prefer others over ourselves, in essence, demonstrate unselfish behavior, we have allowed ourselves to become trustworthy to others.

One of the definitions I like on trust is:  Trust is choosing to make something important to me, vulnerable to the actions of someone else.  When I open myself up to you as a friend or spouse, and allow you to see inside of me, I am giving you permission to show yourself trustworthy.  Distrust is when I have shared with you what is important to me, and I realize it is not safe with you.  Have you ever had a friend who repeatedly told you “the scoop” on someone else and it left you wondering…..if this person can’t keep the confidentiality of that friend, then how will she keep what is safe to me private.  That person is letting you know they are not trustworthy.

Since it is very difficult to have connection with someone if we can’t trust them, how do we begin to trust?  The first thing to understand is boundaries.  There is NO trust without boundaries.  This was a lesson I learned early on in my own healing journey.  I can trust you when you are clear about your own boundaries and you hold them.  AND when you understand and know my boundaries and keep them.  When we practice sharing what our boundaries are with those we are in relationship with, we give them a clear picture of who we really are and what is important to us.  We empower ourselves and this builds confidence and strength –something I believe that is vital in building trust.  It is difficult for anyone to trust someone who is “wishy washy” and that comes across as wimpy!

The next important piece in building trust is personal responsibility.  It becomes easy for me to trust you when you make a mistake, you own it for what it is, apologize, and make amends.  This requires a great dose of humility, but I have seen this principle work powerfully in my own marriage and family.  When we are accountable for our actions, we are telling others, I am a safe and mature adult.  I see these two pieces going hand in hand – coupled together they paint a portrait of health and vitality.  I can certainly respect and trust someone that is growing and demonstrating these qualities.

What about reliability?  How is that related to trustworthiness?  Trust happens between two people when you do what you say you are going to do.  Not just once, but repeatedly.   I prove myself to be a trustworthy person when I show consistency with my words and actions toward you.  Hopefully, each of us has at least one friend whom we can call on in times of trouble or crisis.  The friend we know will be there, no matter what time it is.   When a spouse demonstrates to their mate that they have the ability to be present in whatever situation and offer a hand of support, then that spouse has just built an entire layer of trust in their relationship.  Marriages with this level of commitment and trust will grow and flourish.

I see trust as a wall or border around individuals in relationships that keep both parties safe and whole.  It is not an impenetrable wall, but something that is flexible and pliable.  Picture a structure that can grow and be built upon repeatedly.  Building trust takes time and lots and lots of patience.  I like to use the word long-suffering to describe the process needed.  As we determine and choose to work trust into our relationships, we WILL be challenged.  However, when we are intentional every day, it will help us get further along the road to trust faster.

Lastly, self-trust is of utmost importance in creating trust between you and another person. If you can’t trust and love yourself, then it is going to be very challenging for others to trust you. If you make a mistake or fail miserably, forgive yourself and reevaluate your own boundaries. Explore within yourself what steps led up to the mistake and learn from them. Much growth will come to you as a result.  None of us are perfect and we will have days when we stumble and fall.  However, it is how you get up that makes the difference.

Every person has a deep desire to connect with others. I believe we are actually hardwired for this.  First and foremost, is the connection needed between ourselves and our Creator.   As we learn to trust Him, it becomes easier to trust others.   As we build our relationship with God and connect with Him first, we are then able to walk in the power that He has given us to love, cherish and protect others.  When we choose courage over comfort and choose to do what is right, instead of what is easy or fun, integrity is built inside of us.  With this trait possessing us, we become a trustworthy person towards others.  Perhaps you may not be aware of this, but you are always communicating to others the type of person you truly are.

Do not grow weary my friend, becoming a trustworthy individual is a process. But I can guarantee you that it will pay huge dividends in possessing strong, healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.  One day you will look around and recognize that many valuable people surround you and enhance your life.  These relationships will be the greatest riches you possess.  Remember, it is in the smallest of moments when trust is built.  Challenge yourself to slow down and open your eyes to new and powerful ways to create trust between you and those whom you love.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Lisa and her husband, Bill, have been married for almost 29 years and have raised 3 daughters.  They live in the greater Houston area.  Their passion is to mentor and disciple marriages so that couples can experience true intimacy, wholeness and healing.  Visit their website at powerofhislove.com

I will NOT stay silent!

This morning I got up early!  Even though it was a holiday, my body is programmed to wake up around 6:00am.  After my first cup of coffee, I settled into my daily routine of reading through the gospels.  Currently, I am in the book of Mark.  I have been reading the four gospels over and over repeatedly for the past eight months.  When I finish the book of John, I start back over at Matthew.  I have lost accurate count but, I think I am on my 4th rotation of reading through.  That may not seem like much but, I travel slow!  I often get side tracked and start reading footnotes or I look up a certain passage that Jesus quotes or refers to from the old testament.  Before I know it, I have spent 30 minutes reading from the book of Isaiah because I get so enthralled at what is being said.  I confess, I loose track of time.  Spending time in God’s word is like that.  Time seems to stand still.

So today’s reading was Mark chapter 10.  As I was reading along, I got to verse 46, and blind Bartimaeus is introduced.  Seemingly a random insert into a glimpse of time outside the town of Jericho.  Suddenly, I was on the edge of my seat!  I had read this story many times but, today it was if the words jumped off the page.   Bartimaeus is on the side of the highway begging, and he hears that Jesus is walking by.  Immediately, Bartimaeus begins to call out to Jesus, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”.  As soon as the others hear his cries, they begin to hush him and rebuke him saying, “be quiet!”.  Bartimaeus  ignores the crowd shushing him and continues crying out to Jesus.  So much so, that Jesus stops, turns and commands Bartimaeus to be brought to Him.  Are you ready?  This is where it gets real good.   Jesus asks Bartimaeus what exactly does he want.  Remember, the man is blind – no sight!  I am sure that Jesus can notice this fact and I find it very interesting that Jesus asks anyway.  I have realized that sometimes, God wants us to simply just ask……in doing this we admit that we are needy.  When we acknowledge our needs, we set ourselves up to receive!

Bartimaeus humbly asks Jesus, that he might receive his sight.   Without hesitation, Jesus grants his desire and Bartimaeus is healed.  Where he once was blind, he now has sight!  Amazing!

As I stopped and pondered this account, I was struck with the fact that blind Bartimaeus did NOT stay silent!  Even though the crowds tried to silence him, he continued to cry out to the One whom He knew could provide what he needed.  My mind began to race….what if Bartimaeus had listened to the people?  What if he had obeyed them and silenced his own cries? What if he allowed their opinions to matter?  Would Bartimaeus have received his miracle?

You see, I am convinced that if Bartimaeus had given in to popular opinion, he would not have gotten his sight!  I know that if Bartimaeus had remained silent, he would still be sitting by the roadside, blind and begging.  I believe that if Bartimaeus had not kept pursuing his one desire, he would not have obtained the thing that mattered the most to him.  When we can push past the crowds and keep crying out for an encounter with Jesus, then I promise our miracle is just on the other side.

So, today I made a declaration.  I will NOT stay silent!  I will not listen to my peers, or even my foes, who try to silence me for telling the good news of Jesus.

Blind Bartimaeus inspired me today!  I want his courage, I need his stamina.  I desire his passion to encounter Jesus, even if it means crying out and looking foolish to others.  Because I am convinced, just as Bartimaeus was, that Jesus is good and that when I capture His attention, it is then that I am fully satisfied!

Isaiah 62:6 – “I have set watchman upon your walls Jerusalem, they shall not hold their peace day or night; you that make mention of the LORD, do not stay silent”.