Are You A Peace Maker?


“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called Sons of God” ~ Matthew 5:9

In our relationship with our heavenly Father, we manifest His likeness and character when we walk in the Spirit of Peace.

Some of Jesus’ last words were, “Peace I leave with you and My peace I give to you.” (John 14:7)  He came to bring peace through His own blood, the blood of the cross and He calls us to be His peacemakers.  Peace came at a great price, it cost Jesus his own life.  And yet, He willingly laid it down so that we could possess the commodity of peace and be called Peacemakers.

Before we can give away peace, we must first have peace within. When peace reigns in our lives, it is a sure sign we have accepted our reconciliation with our Father.  Peace is the result of a forgiven heart, now filled with Christ’s Spirit.  As peace rules in our hearts, we become peacemakers.

Being a peacemaker means becoming the initiator in reconciling conflict between others and ourselves. Our part is to tear down walls that divide and strive for building an understanding between individuals.  In a world where people and groups are at odds, as followers of Christ, we are called to actively seek to resolve conflicts.  Peacemaking is our birthright and our assignment here on earth.  We are called to be agents of peace.

A peacemaker must be willing to give up his “perceived” rights as he or she pursues a journey of seeking and establishing harmony and unity among individuals, families, and nations. We can become this type of peacemaker as we are willing to walk in step with our heavenly Father and allow Him to empower us through His Holy Spirit to love relentlessly!

Peacemaking means being involved “in the family business” – which is God’s family. Pray and seek how YOU can be a peacemaker today in your home, family, business, and community.

“I must be about My Father’s business.” Luke 2:49

May you grow and abound in Christ’s love and peace –


Author: lisa roitsch

I am passionate about the kingdom of God! I love to teach people how to encounter and experience God in new and fresh ways. My prayer is my blog will accomplish this on a whole new level for everyone who reads. I want you to be encouraged and filled with HOPE and truth.

2 thoughts on “Are You A Peace Maker?”

    1. Thanks Rick! The body of Christ has the potential to revolutionize this world if we would only take Jesus’ words and truly live them. I am convicted after reading all of Matthew 5. Powerful words!


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